Who in the UK remembers this? The Animals of Farthing Wood! If anyone from the USA dont know about this cartoon I suggest watching the first 5 episodes because it’s a cartoon heavy in character development. Once you know the characters, they’ll bring you into the story. Its about a group of forest animals who decide to run out of their forest home because it’s being taken over by an industrial project. Their quest is to find distant land  that is said to be safe for animals. While on the run though, the predators in the group made a pact not to eat the prey! Classic.

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    One of my favourite cartoons as a kid. In Finland. Proudly having the whole series in my possession!
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    This was on German TV, too
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    lol I don’t even live in the UK and remember this, it was on tv here in the Netherlands
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    This was my favourite show as a kid. They don’t make kids show like they used to. The butcher bird gave me nightmares...
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